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Welcome to Sunshine Yoga & Health
Sunshine Yoga & Health can bring to you a new zest for life in 2013 with a weekly yoga class or a one day workshop;  maybe you are ready for a weekend retreat or ultimately, a wonderful yoga and relaxation holiday.

We, for many years, have been successfully offering hundreds of clients authentic  hatha style yoga and relaxation, which includes:
  • Weekly yoga classes Brisbane
  • Corporate yoga classes Brisbane
  • Private yoga classes Brisbane
  • 'Time out days'  - 1 day yoga workshops Brisbane
  • Yoga retreats - 3 & 6 days Queensland
  • Yoga holidays - 8 day yoga holidays Lord Howe Island, Australia, New Zealand, Italy 
  • Yoga DVDs and guided relaxation CDs
  • Yoga On-Line Shop offers yoga products and accessories, meditation products, ornaments, books, skincare, posters, clothes, jewellery,  zen chi products, gift vouchers and more......

What is Sunshine Yoga?

Lyn Thomas, dip. IYTA AUS; cert. YTT Ananda Yoga Centre USA; founder director of Sunshine Yoga & Health  offers several decades of yoga and health experience and expertise. She has an unique and beautifully flowing style of yoga which is impacted with tradition and authenticity.

Sunshine Yoga, a style in its own right, can be mostly likened to hatha yoga. With an influence of many styles Lyn has experienced over the years, she now rests well with a more gentle approach. However, the principle of  'soft and gentle' creates incredible strength and energy on all levels. Mind-body connection is the key to good health. Mind-body-emotion-spirit connection is authentic yoga.

Conscious breathing is Sunshine Yoga's focus and is involved in all asanas, vinyasas, guided relaxation and meditation. Added to its structure is a touch of qi gong, tai chi and energisation exercises.

You are offered a wonderful varied experience of yoga and health practices along with Lyn's relaxed and caring energy. You know you are in a very safe place.

Yoga is multifunctional. It combines mind, body, emotions and soul/spirit. Originating some 5000 years ago in China and/or India, it is not just a physical exercise. The postures are designed to increase the participants awareness and sensitivity of the body. Breath and breathing exercises (pranayama) are, however, the most important and powerful aspect of all yoga practices.

Breath brings body-mind connection. Breath is necessary for all metabolic processes. Breath is a guaranteed stress management tool. Breath "feeds" us on all levels.

Meditation and guided relaxation make up the full complement of yoga. The ability to switch off the mind is even more crucial now than ever before, as the whole planet is dealing with change, turmoil and destruction. We all need a quiet and calm space to retreat to if we wish to cope with the stresses of day to day life.

Managing stress and tension, increasing energy, switching off your busy mind, learning how to relax, are the key factors that Sunshine Yoga offers to you. Your involvement can be with yoga classes Brisbane, yoga retreats, yoga holidays or through home instruction with one of Sunshine Yoga's DVD's.  Health is guaranteed to improve with the practice of Sunshine Yoga.

Just five minutes a day makes a difference!

... Be impeccable with your word;  Don't take anything personally; Don't make assumptions;  Always do your best ...              - from the 4 Agreements, Miguel Ruiz



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