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Sunshine Yoga & Health was born out of the love for yoga and health and a life time of involvement. Lyn Thomas, Dip.IYTA, AUS, Cert.YTTC, USA, is the founder and director of Sunshine Yoga. In her early 20's she was already passionate about dispelling an increased awareness of health and wellness to the general public through the practice of yoga and relaxation. With the increase of stress and anxiety in our society, Lyn saw such a need to take her personal practice into a professional realm.
Marion, Lyn's mother, was behind this dream and encouraged Lyn to use her natural teaching capabilities by taking her authentic yoga and relaxation techniques to the world. She believed Lyn had a gift. She watched her daughter, over many years, progress through the many stages of life, using yoga and personal development as her life's journey. Lyn's practice and training in Hatha and Iyengar Yoga from such a young age gave her an incredible insight and experience into this ancient practice.
Lyn Thomas, founder and director of Sunshine Yoga & Health, was born in New Zealand. She is the youngest of 6 children and grew up on a dairy farm in a little village called Pirongia, (south of Auckland ) in the North Island of this most beautiful country - Australia's neighbour - of which she has called home for more than 30 years.
Lyn's love of yoga started at the tender age of eight years, at a time when her mother was prompted to seek out ways to improve her health after a cancer scare. Marion discovered a yoga class which was so very beneficial she sought out a children's' class for her two youngest children. Her Mum continued her yoga journey and became a yoga teacher, teaching until her passing at age 78 years. The weekly Friday night childrens yoga class became a highlight in Lyn's young life, as she took to yoga like a "duck to water". The yoga postures and callisthenics were so much fun and left her with very fond memories. Learning to breathe, stretch, twist every which way and literally tie herself in knots way back then, has undoubtedly created the flexibility and strength that she maintains to this day.

With a natural love for the outdoors, she was lead into the world of nature where she spent many weekends involved with learning about the beautiful New Zealand native bush - the flora and fauna, the birds and insects. She understands now that the many yoga practices and principles learnt were automatically practiced during her childhood years on the farm.

The hours of quiet contemplation on her own whilst adventuring, moved her focus and thoughts within. `The years of yoga practice was invaluable to Lyn when she started her family. She found that yoga and pregnancy definitely go together and was delighted with her three trouble-free pregnancies and natural births. Her yoga was also invaluable in helping her cope with the pressures of three young children under 41/2 years of age.
Lyn's experience with Iyengar Yoga was with Martyn Jackson during her late teens into her twenties whilst still living in New Zealand. She loved this style at the time but found that Hatha Yoga was to be her main focus when she reached her 30's.

There was always a lot of curiosity and interest in eastern philosophy that took her in and out of several different groups and investigation of "gurus". It gave her an array of experiences, which she has filtered; only retaining what is stable and useful to her now.

Lyn's varied interests in health and wellbeing has also taken her into the areas of therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, colour therapy, counselling, vibrational essences and crystal energy, wholefood and vegetarian cooking, fermentation and culturing of food, and the study of pre and probiotics for ultimate health and wellness. Of late, using all her knowledge of health has been necessary to heal after an accident at Lord Howe Island that left her with 30 stitches to her head and 2 fractured vertebra. Ten days later, a scheduled major abdominal surgery was carried out. Without yoga and her life long journey of health practices, Lyn believes she would not be here today. She has proven that a strong flexible body and mind is essential to survive the traumas and trials she has endured on all levels, throughout her adventurous life.
Moving to Australia in 1979, she began teaching yoga. Several years later she obtained her yoga teachers diploma with the International Yoga Teachers Association, (IYTA), Australia. This gave her the confidence to increase her desire to teach more yoga. However, it was some years of working as a secretary, with only part time teaching, before Sunshine Yoga & Health was born, taking her into her full time business.

Lyn's knowledge and experience was constantly growing and developing and a dream was realized when she travelled abroad
to the Ananda Yoga Community in Nevada City, California. This centre was created by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, who became best known in the west for his wonderful book "Autobiography of a Yogi". It was here she received another accreditation by studying and passing the Ananda Yoga Teachers Training Certificate.
With a year back in New Zealand managing the NZ branch of Studio Horizon, Tony O'Connor's relaxation music business, she became involved with her mother's yoga classes and taught yoga with her. It was a beautiful time of sharing together what they both loved - yoga!

Sunshine Yoga & Health has been growing and developing since 1996. Lyn started out with offering eight yoga classes per week throughout Brisbane. However, today she teaches just two Sunshine Yoga classes, due to her many other activities, Developing and facitilating time-out day workshops, weekend retreats and week long holidays at various beautiful locations nationally and internationally keeps her extremely busy.

The introduction of her own "Signature Series" yoga videos in 2000 was an incredible milestone in her career. These four videos have been well received by Amway, Australia & New Zealand and the ABC Shops. Also, libraries all over Australia supply these products. The release in September 2004 of the"Signature Series" in DVD format enabled their successful distribution world-wide via the Internet. Marcom Projects in Brisbane came on board as distributors of Sunshine Yoga's DVD's in 2005 which includes supplying to schools and libraries.
The Sunshine Yoga and Health website was developed in 2000 and was one of the first active yoga sites in Brisbane. There have been many changes and developments to the site throughout the past 13 years. It has been an integral part of Lyn's growth and knowledge as a business woman as she has learned and discovered the power of the internet for growing a business.

In 2011, a new updated and fresh-looking website for Sunshine Yoga & Health was developed which is allowing expansion. It has a
developing On-Line Yoga and Health Shop, along with a developing Resource Section for yoga and health information. The Photo Galleries are a wonderful addition with the future development of buying photos on-line, both yoga photos and Sunshine Nature photos. So with the new website comes a new and expansive idea that Lyn can continue to grow and develop. She plans to be still standing on her head at age 90 which gives her many more years to explore!!!

There are many journeys to travel and many mountains to climb and Lyn intends to continue with her discovery of as many as her years on this planet allow. "Without health and wellbeing", she says,"none of us can reach our dreams and I know personally that yoga has kept me very well, so my dreams can continue to become a reality until the day I die".

Lyn says, "the first breath I took was the start of my journey with yoga. It is a part of my being - it is part of my life  - it is part of my destiny". Yoga has provided the health and wellness for her to continue her life's journey in the vast areas of her interests and passions.......................
............nature photography - anywhere, anytime
.............motorcycle riding - a highlight riding on the Teratonga Racetrack New Zealand with ex international super sport motorcycle champion Aaron Slight gardening - vegies from her spring garden
.............adventurer - Lyn after completing a  parachute jump ...under the gaze and bewilderment of her grand-daughter Anastacia
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