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2014 Yoga Holidays : Umbria Italy
2012 Yoga Holidays : Positano, Italy 3-10 June
Sunshine Yoga 8-Day Holiday at the la Selva Retreat Centre, Positano (Almafi Coast), Italy
New Holiday : 3 - 10 June 2012
Only 10-12 places available on this Positano holiday which is a world renowned destination on the Amalfi Coast. La Selva is an unique and isolated retreat venue overlooking the coastline and ocean. A beautiful blend of yoga, relaxation, italian food, adventure, culture and more......
2011/12 Yoga Retreat : Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
The Annual Springbrook Mountain Yoga Retreat in the hinterlands of the Gold Coast from 22-27 and 25-27 September 2011. A lovely group: Maggie F, Angela B, Penny A, Janie, Jill T, Kerri S, Jodie M, Maria A, Marja H, Lisa H, Debra H, Dianne W, Sandra E, Ken C, Graham J, Debbie G, Sue B (masseuse), Susan B (kitchen).
2011 Yoga Time Out Days : Perth : 30 August
A wonderful role up of interested people to share this day at the Subiaco Art Centre on Sunday 30 August 2012 - in all 30 clients: Chelsea, Fabienne, Sharryn, Amber, Kerry C, Ron, Katrina, Dianne, theresa, Carolyn, Marie, Susan, Jane, Elizabeth, Amanda, Debbie, Cate, Nadia, Julie, Toni, Maria, Carol, Patrick, Ethel, Julie, Meredith, Jenny, Kerry B, Bettina.
I was disappointed with the venue and will endeavour to source out a more appropriate room for next year.........
2010 Yoga Holidays : Lord Howe Island NSW Australia
Sunshine Yoga 8-Day Holiday at Lord Howe Island, Leanda Lei Apartments, New South Wales, Australia
7 to 14 November 2010 ... Next Holiday : 27 Nov to 4 Dec 2011
Guests: Elise (Melbourne), Kerri, Hayley, Maria (all from Brisbane); Lyn (facilitator). This was a special tour organised for just 4 guests. Elise, who had terminal cancer, was gifted this holiday by her close friends Kerri & Hayley. Maria 'found us' and needed the holiday to help recovery of chronic fatigue. As a GP doctor she was Lyn's godsend when she tripped and fell 2 metres down volcanic rock. Maria took care of Lyn's ripped scalp until the SES arrived.Bad bruising & 30 stitches in her head created comradship between the 5 of us. An amazing group connection with laughter, fun and tears...Insert 25-3-11. Our friend Elise passed away on 22-3-11 at age 43 years from secondary breast cancer. Rest in peace beautiful lady. We are all better people for having you in our life and sharing special moments. Lord Howe Island will forever be 'your' place Elise and the memories of our holiday together will keep us all connected in the most beautiful way. Our love always..........the Moo Moo Girls
2010 Yoga Time Out Days/Woirkshops : Perth, Western Australia
Sunshine Yoga Time Out Day Workshops, Subiaco Arts Centre, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia.
Sunshine Yoga has travelled to Perth twice now to present a Time Out Day. To share a day of yoga, relaxation, meditation, qi gong and partner yoga, gives an opportunity to de-stress and connect with one-self. A yummy, healthy vegetarian lunch is provided. All the client has to do is simply arrive and enjoy the day.
2010 Yoga Time Out Days/Workshops : Brisbane : 24 October
A lovely day of sharing yoga vinyasa, relaxation, meditation, alot of breathing, partner yoga and qigong. Attendees: Amelia, Hamed, Ken, Jean,Robyn, Sharyn, Leanne, Pam, Lis, Julie, Katrina, Jo, Val, Judy
2010 Yoga Retreats : Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia
Sunshine Yoga 4-day Weekend Retreat D'Altons Resort, Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia
Last Retreat: 23-25 May 2010 Next Retreat: 19-22 May 2011
Guests: Nicole, Carmel, Marian, Betty, Jenni, Penny, Kerry, Robyn
This was the second year Sunshine Yoga has travelled to Halls Gap for a small focussed group of woman mostly from the neighbouring town of Horsham. The D'Altons Resort is a wonderful venue with beautiful log cabins with a fire place. This is a very special little town with wonderful energy as it sits surrounded by the great Grampians National Park.
It was decided to include an extra day to the weekend retreat by offering Thursday to Sunday.
2010 Yoga Retreat : Springbrook, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Yoga 4-day & 6-day Retreat at Springbrook Theosophical Society Retreat Centre, via Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
17 to 22 August 2010
Sunshine Yoga has been organising weekend retreats at Springbrook for over 10 years. This retreat fills up each year with mostly return clients who come back each year. Two years ago Lyn created 2 options : a 6-day stay and a 4-day stay, eliminated the 3-day weekend. This was due to a demand from clients to come in Thursday afternoon. The additional day made such a difference to their purpose of being at the retreat, that I now only offer either Tuesday to Sunday or Thursday to Sunday.
This venue is a very special location with amazing high energy, quiet and peace with non-share accommodation.
2009 Yoga Retreat : Bowral, New South Wales, Australia
Bowral is in the highlands approximately 1 hour from Sydney. The venue is exquisite - a 120 year old mansion that was built and owned by the Fairfax family. The Catholic Church purchased this property and it was originally used as a place of contemplation and silence. The essence of silence is impregnated into the walls of this beautiful bulding and one, to this day, feels the peace, the silence.i
2009 Yoga Holidays : Lord Howe Island NSW Australia
6 to 13 December 2009
Guests : Bettina Partridge (Perth); Tracey Irwin; Paul Johnston; Ken Cowell; Jean Manning (all Brisbane); Lyn Thomas (Facilitator)
2008 Yoga Holidays : Lord Howe Island NSW Australia
30 November to 7 December 2008
Guests: Shirley Barker; Ken Cowell; Jean Manning; Catherine Stark; Dianne Murphy; Paul Johnston (all from Brisbane); Susan Gidget (Esperance, WA); Barbara (Blue Mountains, NSW).
Yoga Holidays : Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Sunshine Yoga 8-Day Holiday at Lake Wanaka, Edgewater Resort, South Island, New Zealand.
19 to 26 March 2010
Five guests : Faye and Brian, Paul , Glenda and Kurts
Yoga Retreat : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Yoga Holidays : Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia
Yoga Postures
Yoga Retreat : Mt Glorious, Queensland, Australia
Yoga Time Out Days/Workshops : Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Yoga Time Out Day Workshops, Jam Performing Arts Centre, Northlakes, Brisbane, Australia
Last Workshop: 24 October 2010 Next Workshop: 3 April 2011
The Time Out Days were designed to give clients the opportunity to switch off their busy minds and give up their responsibilities for a day. To experience a day of yoga, relaxation, meditation, qi gong, partner yoga supported by a very tasty and healthy vegetarian lunch has meant the client can simply arrive and share the day. It is essential for stress management.
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